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A Compete-to-Own immersive world built for gamers and digital collectors



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Race your favorite Evaverse companions in an epic battle to the finish line


Why did we create Evaverse? Historically, passionate gaming communities invest their time and resources into their favorite games, but receive little value or ownership in return for their efforts in furthering the ecosystem. Evaverse is built on the blockchain to empower players to own and obtain value through their in-game assets.

Our vision is to create incredible 10,000-hour games that players will enjoy for decades by combining competitive and social gameplay in an immersive world. We believe Web3 empowers developers and creators to engage with players more meaningfully by sharing value and creating opportunities for ownership.



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B.E.S.T. Machine to exchange tickets for badges

earn tickets

Tickets are the most common currency in Evaverse and represent “Proof-of-Play." Players earn tickets by playing any of the game modes available within Evaverse, and by discovering treasure as they explore the world.


Tickets are used to take a spin at the Badge Exchange Service Terminals (B.E.S.T Machines) around the E.V.A. HUB. Each spin awards a random amount of Badges. Players will be awarded a future $EVA airdrop based on their badge ownership.


A competitive racing mode where players can push the limits of their hoverboards. Complete races to earn XP and level-up boards to increase stats. Compete in daily leaderboards and tournaments for extra Tickets and rewards.


A competitive race for the pet creatures of Evaverse. Take control of your pet and race against other players using strategically timed abilities and traverse the course and battle to the finish line in the Cosmic Stadium. Players can also spectate to get a close view of the action while they aren't racing.


Evaverse NFTs are like the skins, emotes, and wearables you love from your favorite games. The difference is you actually own the assets when you earn or purchase them. Owning NFTs are not required to play or earn but offer earning perks and benefits in-game.


In our genesis avatar collection, players collect arrivals not just to customize their in-game appearance and to have ownership within our ecosystem. Rarity of the arrivals is represented by Prestige, player account prestige is determined by the rarest arrival in their collection. The higher the account prestige, the more perks and rewards the player receives.


Turtle Troop

The first pet collection of Evaverse, and original companion to the First Arrivals. Don't be fooled by their small nature, they are mighty creatures and powerful competitors in the Cosmic Cup. Collect them for their stunning traits or based on their prestige to collect the rarest turtles.

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Purrtles are the next companion entering the Evaverse. They’ll be joining the Turtle Troops competing in the Cosmic Cup. Although these pets don't naturally have a shell, they are technologically advanced and use their shell backpacks to their advantage.



Hoverboards are the best way to get around Evaverse. So naturally players desire fast ridable boards that include a multitude of unique properties making hem stand out while socializing or racing. Hoverboards can be leveled up to increase their base stats for a competitive edge while racing. The higher prestige of hoverboard, the more XP it will earn after a race.

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As players continue to experience and explore what Evaverse has to offer, they will encounter E.V.A. Loot, which can be collected and traded. Some Loot can be quite rare, so be mindful before trading.



The Evaverse aims to be an open platform for the NFT community to play and earn with friends. If you would like to collaborate and offer utility for your NFT community within the Evaverse please reach out to us! We would love to discuss creative and fun ways to engage NFT holders from every community.

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At Battlebound, we create world-class games that empower players with ownership agency over the time spent playing games they love. These passionate communities pour their time and resources into their favorite games but historically have not seen nearly enough value and ownership to reflect their efforts spent furthering the ecosystem. Battlebound aims to revolutionize how developers and players share in the rewards of the games they play a pivotal role in building.

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